Never had rice today. Instead, I’ve had three cups of coffee during the day and is currently staying up extra late at night until this after-midnight, talking to one of the best people on Earth, savoring good music, and embracing the good mood before hitting the sack. ❤



Tip: Be the first to ruin your own day early in the morning, and be prone to pain. So the next time you had your day ruined by someone, the next time you get hurt, you won’t have to feel the same impact.

I’m lost for words.

I am constantly being hit hard in this chest where my loving heart rests. One time was by a very good friend who left for good, about almost 7000 miles away from here. Twice was when the guy I used to love left me alone, brought me to tears and made me believe that he and I, we were never meant to be. Thrice is now. I’m currently having heavy breaths, and a throb in my chest which makes me feel that right now, I had my third official heartbreak.

Just what am I supposed to say?


Have you ever felt like there’s so much going on with your head, that you yourself do not know exactly what to feel, or currently feeling. Anger, sadness, pain, deprression, restlessness. All those negative thoughts clashing with your will of having a good day.

I’m currently in a state beyond explainable. I want to say things but don’t know how to start, which ideas to tackle and share. My brain’s dead and my body’s getting heavier by the hour. I’m wasting.


Just because Person A is mad at Person B doesn’t mean that Person B is at fault. People should understand that its not always Person B’s responsibility to always go and make peace everytime that a specific person was mad at him. Look into Person B’s perspective and tell me how easy it is to say sorry to Person A, especially when Person B himself did nothing wrong.


Having a night out during mid-weekday, getting wasted, sacrificing the next morning’s productivity and failing to report for work  –so much for some random happening.


Being a Listener.

Something I’ve learned during adulthood: A good friend is a good listener. Someone who never speaks as if he/she was some kind of psychologist, but someone who’s just being there as a company, just shutting the hell up, just having and experiencing the fun.

Yes, getting drunk, getting wasted, and feeling like shit were so much for some random happening, AND ALSO all for supporting your friend, and being there as someone to share and talk to.


One of the best things life has to offer:

Someone to talk to; Having good conversations with people you most likely cherish. Spitting out your emotions, then having a good laugh right after. Staying up late and feeling good.

Yes, I got tons to do (each and every fvckin workday) up til mid-September, but I don’t worry (no, not yet). Long as I’m surrounded by these wonderful people.