So Close Together, So Far Apart

How would you feel when the most special person in your life is being dragged away from your grasp?
–when all you want to do is hold him but all they do is tear you two apart?
How would you feel when you’re just few inches away, yet there’s an invisible but strong barrier in the way?
–and snatching a mere look at him would mean sacrificing all that you’ve worked hard for in order to be where you currently are.
Do you remember the feeling when you once thought he is “your everything”?
Do you remember his scent, his warmth, the random conversations only the both of you understand?
Do you miss laughing to his silly jokes and wonder how his simple presence would complete your day?
Are you eager to stop the time so you could finally grab a hold of his hand?
Are you willing to be judged just so you can tell the world how this man really means to you?
If you have been forbidden to be with him, what would you do?
Is it necessary to follow the rules of the people around you, when you know who truly holds your heart?
–And what if he’s also asking the same question, but is also too afraid to give it a shot?
How would you feel when someone who once made you happy is now a stranger?
How would you pretend to be happy still now that there’s a rougher road to go through?
–when it is painful enough to see him laugh in the company of others.
–but what hurts the most is he also endures the pain of not being able to be with you.

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