Sometimes I don’t write but hey sometimes I do.

February, March, April, wut.du.ef.juz.hapend.

There are just some nights when a blogger would be so overwhelmed by certain stuffs (outdoor activities, social interactions, work, play, having fun, etc.) that he has his hands full and sitting in front of the keyboard and letting his thoughts flow would be some kind of a no-no; some nights when even though he tries his best to start with some ideas, the energy, the will and the idea itself won’t kick in, and he will just resort to watching the sunset, staring at the sky, staring at nowhere, staring at the walls of his room, staring at the ceiling, listening to birds, watching the traffic, watching the moon, watching movies and TV series, playing billiards, playing bowling, playing words with friends, playing royal revolt 2, playing clash of clans, uninstalling clash of clans, playing harvest moon, staying up late, staying up late with a friend online, staying up late with a friend who was staying the night, staying up late with some family members, and doing a couple of other activities that won’t require him to sit and open WordPress or pick up his notebook and pen. There are just some nights when this blogger, whether I like it or not, is me.

So where was I?

I was at an Avril Lavigne concert. I was out drinking. I was at Renn’s funeral. I was at a company outing. I was playing cards with friends. I was playing jenga with friends. I was at a fun run. I was playing Left 4 Dead with friends. I was lending cash to my uncle. I was lending a big amount of cash to my father. I was at Puerto Galera. I was drinking and getting all drunk and crazy at Puerto Galera. I was catching up and bonding with other friends. I was watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I was watching Rio 2. I was spending the Holy Week and long vacation at home. I was eating at least one egg a day during Holy Week. I was watching and playing numerous movies and games during Holy Week. Most of the time, I was just sitting my lazy arse at office, not working and getting paid.

And with these all kinds of stuffs, I never even pushed myself to write. Man, I’m a one lazy miserable bummed-ass blogger who just eats her way and continues getting a bulge of her tummy. So this night, though I have this zero percent of an idea to write about, I pushed my way to hit the chair and face the screen and start typing. That’s a one lazy miserable bummed-ass and a blogger for you.