A send-off note to a once awesome man.

Too young, too soon. We will all die, they say. Una una lang yan, they say. And the time for him has come.

First time I heard, I could hardly believe. A man so humble, so talented, so good looking, so sweet and so kind; a man of faith; a man of passion; a man of honor. Such great man will always be the one to be taken from Earth, to join the angels and claim place in heaven.

Renn – although he was not really a superduper close friend of mine, he was never ever a stranger to anyone. His was the very first hug from a man that I got during my teenage years. It was before I left high school on graduation day. Another thing, he never failed to greet me happy birthday every year with a wish of God’s blessings. To think that we were never really that close, I’d like to say that those were the gestures of a kind man, a pure man.

Though he doesn’t look like the same gwapo and fresh man now lying in his casket, he will still be the Renn the part of his circle once knew. Though he left the world too early, many live to acknowledge his greatness. A good friend, a good son, a good being.

Watch over us and regards to the beloved Mrs. Brown. We’ll see you off as the sun sets. Make sure you’ll see the sun rise in your favorite place. And rest in paradise, brother.


Kamen Juno.

There are times when people around you would just get on your nerves for some reason. Most of the time, it happens everytime you’re being wala sa hulog. In my case, so as not to be disrespectful, I would go and try to be nice and get along with that person. By doing this, I am allowing myself not only the chance of having a friendly relationship but also the chance of not heating up in the situation then bursting out with a rude tounge.

And yea let’s face it. Some people are just so pure annoying even though they do not do anything wrong. Like, e.g. the mere attitude, or some words being let out in a simple group conversation. Which was the exact situation that just happened hours back.

But hey, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just so overly sensitive with this kind of drama, that the moment I heard those words, my insides kinda reacted in a certain way that would get me into losing my calm. But of course, within a blink-of-an-eye span of time, I managed to let it pass and carried on with my own discussion, blocking the annoying words of that person from my own (and the other’s) earshot, and letting those all fade.

Of course, I was active but I was calm until the conversation ended. Though I was feeling a little bit furious inside, I must not allow the heat to show. As usual, I was all smiles and all chatty, so as not to show my irritated self. Nobody would even care to notice anyway. At some point of my day, it would only be me and my shadow, who could understand me and how I feel, and who would pat me on the shoulder.

Oh well, life’s life. How I feel and how I contemplate on things by my own, only Science can explain. There will always be a next day anyway. There will always be another chance to wish for a better turn of that next day.