The Lone Ranger / Dreams.

The Lone Ranger.

Slept early last night and woke up early a while ago, with a kick of lone feeling I wouldn’t ever grasp or understand. Less than six hours of sleep and I couldn’t return to bed even though I pushed it. I just felt like I need to deliver how I feel right at this very moment, save it, write it, because at some point these are the kinds of moments I really don’t want to waste.


  • I dreamed of having a get together with my college tropas. The weird thing, it was kind of dated almost 5 years back. I mean, in the dream, they all looked like freshmen students, singing to songs around 2010 or so. We were all in our school uniforms, noisy, carefree.
  • I dreamed I was inside my sister’s room. When I was younger, there were only two rooms in this house where I currently live. There were times that my sister would go out maybe to some place I don’t know, and I would conquer the room. XD I would pretend that I have a room of my own.
    This dream also dates back to the past, I was sitting on the bed, leaning on the headboard with a pillow on my back. The thing is, I was just starting to play music from my ipod, the ipod I currently own, when my other sister swiftly entered the room (I say swiftly because I never felt her presence at all) and ruined the whole situation.
  • The night before yesternight, I dreamed that I was a junkie. The time was around dawn but the sun was still invisible in the horizon. The scene from the dream went like I was touching an ice cube, I kind of like licked the thing or I don’t know what I did there, what I know is that a little portion of my saliva touched the ice. Then again, here goes the weird catch: I think that in this dream, my body was ingested with some kind of drug, so much drug that when I threw the ice cube (with my saliva) to a random spot (which in this case a grassy area), the spot spurted plants or weeds or some kind of vegetation so immediately that you will never reach 10 when you count the seconds of its development.

Back to The Lone Ranger.. this is supposed to be a random write but I ended up talking about how my dreams went. Anyway, I have no idea of how my day would go by today. It depends on the situation, the environment, the people around me. For the meantime, I will just go and savor the moment of being the (unusual, seasonal, but very welcome) early bird in me.