So far..

Since December is coming to an end, and I will never forgive myself for letting my lazy ass swallow me whole all throughout the month, I’ve decided to list down stuff that made me almost miss a December journal.

How I was being this one restless individual at work this whole December, I don’t even know. That was not the usual me. The usual me means sitting hours for hours staring into the nothingness, if not refreshing the Facebook news feed, spending time with Youtube or getting out of the house to spend the day with the usual people I hang out with.

December means extra stash of cash. How I spent those cold hard earned paper I also don’t even effin’ know. I’m good at spending, I know it. And for some reason, spending is one of my worst enemies. From movies to food trips to coffee and alcohol drinking to concert tickets to going into conventions only to get robbed by those fancy shops that sell unnecessary items.

Part of the things that took much of my time the whole month is getting enough pillow moments. Just imagine working 7 days a week non-stop just to finish and to get rid of certain things (by certain things, I mean projects, deadlines, and tasks) before the long vacation, who would not want to take a break from that?

Gaining weight.
With all these work, some comfort must be returned, and with ample amount of money, how else shall I put those to good use? Food. Well basically, it’s gotta be food AND being a fat-cat couch potato. Not to mention filling my stomach with holiday treats and keeping the carbs unburned and the tummy asleep as I continue to entertain myself with internet, movies, and games.

So in summary, I was just plain busy and tired but I had my fun moments; I was an all-out spender and I admittedly got bulges here in my bellies now. A week had passed since the long vacation from work and I’m still one hell of a lazy freak kid who only knows how to waste time and savor the comfort of life while it last. Jesus save my soul. I think I better prepare for some New Year’s resolution of my own.