I’ve got time.

Nah, obviously I don’t. But that’s just another lame reason to skip out the things people don’t really feel like doing.

I don’t have the time but I will always try to find some if agreeable situations require it of me. This week, I’ve worked my arse off Monday through the holiday through Sunday. Yet, I still found the time to do some laundry, cook something for dinner, talk to my friends, even play games and watch tv series late at night. Yes, I’m constantly tired but I’m happy. Or contented, more likely.

I know, I must also say this to myself, but people who complain about not having the time, about living the same routine each and every day, must learn how to manipulate circumstances around them. I mean, you say you don’t have time but still you sleep through the night, you eat your meals, and you live your day and you’re still alive. Whereas people, who had the time of their lives, who actually cannot provide food without someone else’s help, rot in the streets. So be grateful and accept what is there before you. Try experimenting on your days or weeks to diminish having the same tiring routine. Each day lived is precious so get up and stop wasting it, and maybe, we can really be able to say that we’ve got time, though not plenty, but enough to do things needed to be done.

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