Life Lessons and Virtues.

Have you ever sat down, on your own, and think about life, the past, present, and future of what you are, in this world?

I have. Numerous times. And I still continue to do it ever since I was a child. I never intend to share vicious thoughts of this 23-year old brain of mine XD but here’s a list of some of my own virtues that I am wholeheartedly trying to live, from the day that I learned to appreciate them up til now.

  • Always keep your cool. There’s no sensing what an individual can or will do when a single string of control snapped. And every time it happens, it’s not bringing good results. I admit that I have a very thin patience. Every now and then I would have to remind myself to keep calm, control my actions, and avoid bursting out my emotions.
  • Do not look forward to the future, but always do look forward to tomorrow. I learned and started to live with this lesson back in college. Some people might think of me as a woman without a plan, without a future. And if ever I would be given a chance to explain, I would say, time and again, that I am a woman living in the present. And in my opinion, it’s a lot better than living in the past or in the future. I may not plan how to live my future, but I know I am enjoying every single bit of moment living in the present. The ‘future’ is just a fantasy after all anyway, until you’re finally there.
  • One cannot buy happiness. Simply put, happiness is priceless. Do I even have to elaborate this one?
  • Stop whining about almost everything. Try to see the good in what you do, in who you meet, and in things you encounter. I mean, if you live just to complain each and every time, where’s the justice in having a good day? You not only ruin others’ days by raving about things, you also let yourself be consumed by bad mood, by bad energy, and all throughout your day you’ll feel miserable. So stop it, surround yourself with people who will not pursue and agree with your complaints, but with people who will try to put you in a good mood.
  • Reading is the best mind’s medicine. People who read are intellectual people. Try to have something to read around you at least once in a while. And if ever you came across this little piece, I applaud your urge for taking the time to read it. 🙂
  • Be a good listener. You got a friend who needs someone in his/her darkest days? Be beside him/her, and try NOT to give bits of advice unless he/she ask these of you. Your friend needs your presence, not your so-called “based from experience” speeches. So be there, and try to listen. You got someone you’re having an argument with? Let the person speak his or her mind first and as you do this, try to weigh your reasoning before going for an all out war with words. You don’t have to shower someone with thoughts of what you are fighting for, you just have to accept someone’s way of thinking and it’s your choice if you let those things penetrate your own thoughts.

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