I Suck at Making Plans.

I made plans for September at the end of August. My plans for September were pretty much easy and achievable, I was pumped up for making it all happen.

Then first week of September came and I was like “Meh, one week won’t hurt,” I slacked off, I played my games, I never even bothered to mind my laundry, until it was the last day of September already, and I accomplished nothing.

Good thing I woke up as September ended. XD

But, really, I don’t mind. Making plans was just another reason and an excuse for pushing yourself to do the things you require yourself to do (does that statement even make sense? XD). Or maybe for me, for I’m just a one plain stupid lazy kid who never really ought to accomplish anything, without requiring myself, that is.

In short, “making plans” was not really a label meant to be working for me. It’s probably more like “going with the flow” or “do or die situations” or “on the spot” thingys, yea those would do some sweet scent with my name.

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