These are Just Feelings

A day before i turn 23, i bumped into He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in this common mall people usually hang out or go to after work. Funny how chance or what others say ‘destiny’ falls right upon your face whenever you least expect it. Funny, because just moments before i enter the mall i was thinking about him; about two years ago when this i-dont-care-about guy sent a greeting cake which, who knew, would be the start of some love story i never thought i would live my next years with.
Anyway, returning back to the present, he was there right in front of me all over again. But this time it was not just his back that i laid eyes upon. i was face to face with the man i used to love, the man who sent that goddamn greeting cake exactly two years back, the man who broke my fragile and innocent heart.
As electrical energy flowed upwards my whole body during that time, i never even remembered if i managed to push a smile or a nod before him. I never wanted to be rude that some time ago, i already planned how to acknowledge his presence whenever a situation like this would occur, so some smile or nod were already scripted. But plans fail sometimes at the exact moment of execution.
His hair was long and messy, his face was smug. Me? Well im still this pretty girl around the corner, slaying dragons, killing thugs, and making wonderful people happy. :3
But at least im proud to say that i can now look straight at his eyes.
Minutes after midnight of my birthdate, an unregistered number messaged to greet me. Just reading the text and i knew all too well its him. Well, i also planned some time ago to be a good girl during my birthday so for mere seconds, i threw away all my you-wont-get-anything-out-of-me-from-now-on-attitude and i messaged him back with “thanks”. Then he replied with the usual smiley that the both of us used to express “^_^”. Then that’s that. If that made him smile then good for him. As for me, i am satisfied with things. Yes, i can still say he’s still the sweetest guy that i ever came across with. Though, he’s not and will never be the one fit for some kid like me. And i would never wish for us to get back again together, because simply put, the idea is just plain ass stupid. And im now happier with how things are. 🙂

Staying up late and writing about a guy, well, happy birthday to me.


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