Rainy Days.

Stuck at home, no work, no school. Aside from tuning on weather updates and news, being productive within the time given was my most favorite thing to think and be problematic about.  I mean, how would I spend these 2 whole days of the week which were supposed to be spent at the office to burn and work my arse and brains off? It’s difficult, you see, deciding how many lame activities would fit. So, much as I would like to have something good to do, I’ve never had the chance to push myself to the more “productive” me, hence this post! 🙂

During these two consecutive weekdays off, here’s some of what I have done:

Consume more food.

Is it the cold weather or what? Because since yesterday up til today I was eating a lot. And I can’t say being at home was the main reason, because usually during the weekends I only take 2 meals per day. And that wouldn’t amount to what I had consumed for only 2 days. T^T (boo me)

Consume more caffeine.

Yeps, more coffee and more soda. I think my body was now short of water. (I’m sorry my wonderful body for thirsting you). I was too disappointed whenever my coffee quickly cools, that every time it doesn’t satisfy me I have to prepare myself another cup. And the soda was supposed to be drank only for a one-sitting movie that I watched, but since I bought the biggest bottle and no one wants to drink soda with me, I have to consume the whole amount within two days. (boo me).

Forget Sleep.

It was supposed to be a bed weather. And usually it was one of the benefits of staying at home to grab the opportunity to rest. But I don’t.  I go to bed late then I wake up early. I’m such a.. ugh I don’t know maybe a stupid woman? Now I’m having regrets of not having enough and proper sleep. (boo me)

Watch Series. Watch Anime.

Not having any more regrets here. Free days should be fun, even though you’re alone. Aaaannd.. being able to watch YamaPi and Erika Toda again together since Code Blue is just holy-fvckin-awesome! kickass.to for Shingeki no Kyojin releases and ‘devouring’ the episodes simultaneously! >:) *evil laugh

Play GTA IV.

Cause I haven’t played for 8 months! And getting back on the track (or should I say, on the road) feels good, that I haven’t realized I had played for 6 hours non-stop just today. Heck, I even almost forgot that I would be exerting extra 16.4 hours of work for the next working days to come to work off these 2 days that I failed to report for work. But whatever, everyone knows it won’t hurt having fun sometimes. 🙂

Play the Guitar.

Already given. Because who can resist such good acoustics during rainy days?

Now, having had enough of the long days off, I just now wish the rain to calm down, before flood reached our area. Because work awaits me, and the additional too much hassle on the road won’t help.

So, enough rain. You know what they say, “lahat ng sobra masama“.

Hihi brrr… :3

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