Defining Terms Usually Heard.

When nothing’s going right and everyone just seems to grab all your powers and drain your strength, and you try your hardest but your hardest still won’t amount to anything for anyone. And all you ever need was some time for yourself but you still can’t have even a tiny bit of it.
You started to swear and curse and hate everyone who you think was responsible for all you’ve been going through. And you rant just all about the stupid things that you have encountered during the day. You drown yourself in alcohol, you spend a lot, and at the end of the day you crawl to your little corner and cry about the unfairness of life.
The daily routine consumes you, making it more difficult to stop at what you do. And all your mind and body wanted was to take a good rest but you have to obey all orders and do what needs to be done. And a time will come when you will have to suffer physical and emotional weaknesses. And nobody can cure you but sleep.
When everything seems to be getting out of hand, and your body cannot take all the strain, and you miss your loving bed and its sweet scent, and you only know just what to do. Running back home and taking the soft ang caring sheets in, until you slip out of reality.

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