The best things in life are free.

Free, eh? Who in this awesome world would have invented the quote anyway?



..pretty much, means everything. Money feeds people, takes people to school, lets people live in modern times fit and full. Or so, as where and when in this lifetime I currently live, it seems.


Smiling and laughing define happiness. Yes, more or less. But how can somebody smile; Somebody who starves, who sleeps beside the gutters of abandoned stores, who suffers days and nights only to survive, who’s being laughed at, who’s being hit, who’s being harassed and mistreated and shamed?



What if I’m wealthy and I never get to experience life the hard way? How about getting yourself instantly whatever you thought of you like in just a snap? Does money equate to someone’s happiness?


Present time.

Currently, I am working in this environment where everyone’s supposed to render overtime, finish projects and reach schedules, whether some good or evil minions like it or not. A few colleagues of mine had already participated answering to these demands, had skipped morning, noon, and afternoon meals, had continually worked from dusk till dawn till dusk without going home, had broken down and caught illnesses I never before had even heard of or encountered. Why? Because our employers say so. Because the company pays us just enough to pay the bills, pay the rent, bring food to the family, keep us clothed, and keep us breathing. A few colleagues of mine had already also participated resigning. Why? Because it’s hard. Life is hard. And what do you expect, we serve you and we strain ourselves and you get all the glory and the love and the kachings? Shut it, because it’ll only be like (1) you’ll lose most of your good employees; or (2) your employees will suffer physical and emotional damages (which means you also lose them, yes, when they workdie*).


So what is happiness?

My definition of happiness: I wake up each morning, watch the sky turn from reddish-orange-ish-yellowish color to blue, checks online updates from friends, go to work. At work, one will endure all the sleepiness, stress, strains, and the not so lovely business, but believe me or not, happiness will never drain here. I got friends, or at least there will always be someone to talk to. Not a day will pass when I won’t be able to manage a smile. Work is worth the food on the table, but happiness is worth a super thick blanket during the winter. So I say, why waste your time ranting about stupid projects, heartless bosses, and lame time management? Getting home after sticking at the traffic, starving, showering under the cold rain. They will never matter as long as you’re home –that is happiness.

So, do you need to have or do this or that to say that you’re happy? Of course not. You only have to live, cherishing the sweetness of life, breathing the morning air. You only need at least someone else’s company. You don’t strive to be the best, because you ARE the best in what you do as long as you’re enjoying it. Be on the optimistic side and you’ll never gonna say that life is being unfair, because usually it really is, but life doesn’t control you, you control your life.

Show life who’s boss.



*workdie v. – a word I invented just this moment, meaning losing all the guts, the will, the effort, the energy, the power to do stuffs that someone else required him/her to do, because of strain.

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