Mental Morning.

So, it’s very unlikely that I would share some of my thoughts this early in a weekend morning. But since I missed getting up earlier to do the things I planned last night to do (specifically, do jogging), I’d decided to just catch up with my Youtube subscriptions that I haven’t watched for a month. And doing so brought me to this one particular episode of =3. So usually, it will always be just Ray and his viral video reviews but this one’s different. It’s Ray and Anna with talks of Political and religious views and homo/heterosexuality (whatever you call that). And my most favorite upon watching would be the topic of having or not having freewill. I would say it was a good argument, and I’m just pleased to have encountered this kind of talks (online) for a while.

So if someone has nothing else special to do, I recommend checking this one video out, it’s fine and it won’t hurt or take much of our time. And also checking out the podcast, it’s called Runaway Thoughts (which I’m going to do so now, though I never know where the first few episodes were uploaded, but this one’s up at the =3 channel).

Anyway, here’s the link to that one particular episode I was talking about: Runaway Thoughts Podcast. I hope someone might find it some kind of informative, or I don’t know, good maybe. Because I just know it’s good. And I know I just have to share this, as much as I know I need to grab breakfast..

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