When you do this, and you do that, I burst my annoyance out.

I can’t quite put to words what I feel right now, finding out that You-Know-Who had already blocked me in this one particular social networking site. Should I feel a bit sad? Should I jump for joy? I think the word “irritated” would best fit what was currently revolving inside this system of mine. Knowing that You-Know-Who is still focusing on pushing me away from his life. Knowing that up until now, it still haunts him — that bitterness.

People, if you want to move on, you don’t avoid the person you least wanna see by doing extra immature actions such as cutting the connections. Do so and you’ll only fool yourself, pretending you don’t care. I say live your life accepting every mistake, tactless actions, and wounding words that can never be undone, and stop acting like a kid. Stop telling others like it’s always the other one’s fault. Stop making yourself look like you’ve been hurt when you knew that you first decided to hurt the other. Stop complaining. Stop getting everyone’s attention to hear your side, because believe me, nobody cares. You don’t need your friends’ advices, you don’t need someone to sympathize with you. You need to fix yourself. On your own.

Living is continually learning without reaching perfection. Imperfections are what make us human. (And there’s only one who’s ace, and we are millions of miles far from par). You don’t always have to look good, you don’t always have to act good. Stop pretending to be everything you’re not and start accepting the consequences of your actions.

Anyway, who knew this post would only turn into a rant.

You didn’t only become annoying as days went by, you now also made me feel so disappointed. But disappointed as I can be, one should also try to live –and that’s me.

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