Moving on. Then Moving forward.

Moving on.

I don’t know much about others but, there are certain points in my life when I wholeheartedly appreciate everything I’ve received; and a certain day when even the most sweetest things will happen to have zero effect anymore.

Many times within the last two years of my life, I was receiving notes, letters, and posts, which I much kept dearly, held on to, and read infinite times just to savor the goodness of their words. Today I received a note, read it, put it away. Ironic, because that piece of paper I received today came from the very same person who used to send me such things for the last two years.

Moving forward.

Today is also the day I almost (literally) bumped into the person mentioned above. (Adjustment bureau, how could you do this to me?). While I was walking with my colleagues, just in time towards the intersection, the guy just popped out of nowhere and was then walking right in front of me. With slight panic, but instincts ON, I managed a 90-degree-perfect-right-turn just after bursting out “Oh shit” behind his back.

Realizing what’s done is done, not worrying, and not caring; Throwing away stupid promises, recycled sweet words and false feelings –makes it all the lot easier to do a 90-degree turn to the right (always never the wrong side), and walk away.

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